It is said that when the Sangha has come together,

the power of prayers is multiplied

and becomes particularly powerful.

Great benefit can be accomplished thereby.


Sometimes you or another person may have difficulties and obstacles such as health-problems and so on, or perhaps you wish to have support for particular projects and activities. If so, you can request prayers from the assembled members of the Sangha—it this case, the group of students of Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche who gather regularly to make group practices with him (or sometimes without him). In our tradition, these prayers usually take place on tsok days (twice a month) and on every day of a drupchen retreat. It is customary to make a donation to the Sangha. This donation can be very modest and is a symbolic way to form a bound with the Sangha of practitioners. Requesting prayers from the Sangha is a widespread practice in all Buddhist traditions. It is very powerful.

How to send a request for prayers?
How to send a request
for prayers?

You can send an e-mail to before noon on the day where such practices take place (see above). For the last day of a drupchen retreat, the prayers need to reach us the evening before.

Please mention:

1. the name of the person for whom you wish us to pray
2. the purpose of praying or circumstances of the person
3. the donation you intend to make
4. the way of transferring the money
5. if the personal information (names of donator and person for whom we are praying) should remain anonymous, you need to specify

What happens when a request for prayers is received?
What happens when a
request for prayers
is received?

When the Geku (the person in charge of prayer requests) confirms that the donation has arrived, on the same or next day, he requests the assembly for additional prayers, announcing the name, purpose of praying and the donation amount in front of all the assembly.
After the request is announced, all gathered members of the assembly pray, including the Vajra Master (usually Patrul Rinpoche). Please let us know if you’d rather any of the information remained confidential. In this case, the Geku will only announce the amount and purpose of praying without specifying any names.

The timing, mantra to recite and its quantity will be decided by the Vajra Master.

During drupchen, the first day when the additional prayers can be done is the first full day of the drupchen and the last is the very last day of the drupchen, early morning.

After that we will send you a confirmation e-mail specifying when the prayers have been done.

How to donate

By bank transfer

to Dzogchen Gelek Palbar Ling asbl
IBAN: BE50 0682 2863 7818
Communication: Prayer on request

Online money transfer

If you cannot make a transfer directly on our bank account, you could use an online money transfer service such as Transferwise.

By PayPal

You can make a PayPal payment (+ 4% PayPal cost at your charge):


By scanning the QR code

Donate with PayPal by scanning the QR code or following the link below*:


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*Add 4% to cover transfer costs.
*Registration on the PayPal website is not required.

By asking a friend...

…who is going to the drupchen to bring your donation with her/him.

NOTE: All other ways of donating—particularly requesting to make a donation in the future—cannot be accepted, because a direct and personal connection with the Sangha and with the drupchen (or tsok) is important. Your understanding is appreciated.

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