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As Patrul Rinpoche said on 13 July 08, in Dharma City:

What does it mean to be a member? To be a member is to belong, it gives a sense of belonging. To have a membership, or, to be a member is like having an identity card. When we make an activity it is important to have memberships. Members feel that they are responsible. They feel part of the mandala. Also feel that they have priority when they come, a benefit for their loyalty. And what membership are we discussing here? In this case we are discussing the membership of a Buddhist society, a beneficial membership. Our wish in the future is that this part of the world becomes Dharma. Dharma equals compassion. This whole area should become Dharma to make our family happy, our friends happy, our human family happy, or even one sentient being happy. We can greatly benefit the next generation, they will be happy about that.

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