Welcome to Dharma City


Dharma City is a Buddhist centre.


It is a place where people can learn about Buddhism from authentic teachers and where Buddhist practices are explained and performed.

It is also a place where you can have a tea break, eat a delicious meal and have a rest in our guest rooms. Doing that, you support our dream to have a place where people can deepen their wisdom and develop their inner happiness.

About and history

First and foremost it is a Buddhist centre.

It was born in the hearts of the people who had a great wish to learn and practice Buddha’s path.

However, there is no great kingdom without a great king and there is no real Buddhist centre without an authentic teacher. Thanks to surprising and auspicious coincidences Patrul Rinpoche came to Belgium and thanks to the generosity of the few people who surrounded him this property was bought and Dharma City came to existence…

Temples and ceremonies_Patrul Rinpoche

Temple & Ceremonies

There are moments in life when many of us need spiritual support. A temple can be the right place to be.

« Temple » is the word for the place to gather, and it also means “the house of the deities”. Traditionally these two functions are often combined in the same room, but not always.

events and rent

Events & Rent

Dharma City is an active and vibrant place, we have many different activities all year round. From Buddhist holidays to meditation courses and Buddhist studies, Christmas market, Tibetan festival, summer camps and much more!

In Dharma City you can attend open meditation courses and general Buddhist courses. Check out our current activities schedule.

Dharma City grew and developed like a tree.

Given the care and patience it needed,

it bears fruit that many can enjoy.

Tea House_Dharma City

Tea House

A Tea House opened in in 2016 developed into a fantastic vegetarian restaurant where the unusual menu can be a delicious adventure for all avid foodies.

Bio Shop_Dharma City

Bio Shop

Bio-Shop was born as Tea House’s child because chefs and cooks constantly tried to find organic products for their original recipes.

B&B_Dharma City


B&B offers comfortable accommodation to all who value comfort and peace. It is available to open public all the year long.

All income comes back to the original cause for creating this place. The money is being used to develop this wonderful centre further and to make Buddhist courses available to rich and poor. This place is a peaceful cave in the hectic world. It directs your mind to what is valuable and important. If you wish to calm down and look within, it might be the right place for you too.

Would you like to be a part of this project?

Support_Dharma City

When we join to give our time and resources to a project greater than ourselves, we have the power to achieve extraordinary things. Dharma City has grown and developed thanks to the donations and the volunteering of a world-wide community, and it needs your support to be alive and grow more beautiful with every passing day.

You may become a member or a volunteer. You are most welcome to donate directly or simply visit Dharma City Tea House and have a drink, order a delicious, healthy meal and have fun with friends.

How to support?

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