Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche was born in the valley of Dzogchen 1963. He is the incarnation of the great Dzogchen Patrul Rinpoche, who was a writer, wanderer and spiritual master of the 19th century. Two incarnations would follow before Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche was born.

Present Patrul Rinpoche has perfectly followed the footsteps of his teachers. He has studied with some of the most senior and accomplished masters of our time. He entered Dzogchen Monastery at the age of fourteen, where he would stay for six years. After he would continue his studies at Śri Siṃha University. He completed his studies flawless, within a timespan very few students can complete. He has great knowledge of the tantras and sutras, from which he can give teachings on any topic. He is holder of precious Longchen Nyingthik lineage. He gives teachings on this wonderous and profound lineage and bestows empowerments.

Patrul Rinpoche came to Belgium in the spring of 1996. He has established non-profit organisations, publishing house and as students have gathered around him he has started several Dharma Centers across Europe.

He has been teaching and spreading the Dharma ceaslessly. He managed the translation and publication of the vast amount of Tibetan buddhist texts. During summers he teaches general buddhist studies and advanced buddhist studies to his students.

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Biography of Patrul Rinpoche

Since early spring of 2020 he has started giving

a lot of teachings online. With hundereds

of hours of teachings available on the topic of

Words of My Perfect Teacher and other texts.

From Dzogchen in Tibet

The present incarnation of the great 19th century master, Dzogchen Patrul Rinpoche, was born in 1963 in the vicinity of Dzogchen Monastery, Rutam Orgyen Samten Chöling in Kham, Eastern Tibet.

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Who is who?


Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche has been recognized as the third incarnation of the great Dza Patrul Rinpoche.

This is a concise presentation of the successive incarnations.


Patrul Jigme Chökyi Wangpo (1808-1887)


Dza Patrul Rinpoche’s second emanation, the first incarnation as Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche, 1892-1917


The second incarnation, Patrul Rinpoche’s third emanation b.1937–1959


Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche, the third incarnation (b. 1963)


Root teachers

“No-one can bring back jewels from a treasure island

without relying on an experienced navigator.”

Patrul Rinpoche

Words of My Perfect Teacher

Drukpa Rinpoche

Drukpa Rinpoche

2. root teachers

Drukpa Rinpoche, Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche, Patrul Rinpoche