New courses are being born according to situation. Until now we have had:

Volunteer Retreat

is work and study retreat. The idea is to contribute work for the centre. It starts with a morning ngöndro , followed by some hours of work and time for study. Rinpoche is usually present during the courses so people have easy access to know him better and also have fun. Such an informal situation creates great openness between teacher and students. Volunteer work is invaluable for the centre and brings enormous benefit for all sentient beings.

Patrul Rinpoche 2008
dharma city
Dharma City works
2008 July Belgium Altruistic Activity Retreat

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Tibetan Language Classes


Why study Tibetan?

Many Buddhist scriptures in Sanskrit have been lost or destroyed, but a significant amount of these ancient texts came down to us in Tibetan. In Tibet itself, a stunning Buddhist and lay literature came to flourish. Hence learning classical Tibetan is a key to this corpus of extraordinary wisdom texts in their original version. Spoken Tibetan, in turn, opens the door to a unique tradition carried on by Tibetans.

Zangdok Palri Institute wishes to help students to gain the skills that allow them to read Tibetan and have a basic understanding. There are two highly qualified Tibetan teachers and several translators that can help you. Seminars focusing on Tibetan language are also organised occasionally.

Our teachers

Lopön Jampa Norgyal

was born in Tibet. He directed and took part in several projects connected with preserving and teaching Tibetan language for Esukhia organisation in India and for Zangdok Palri Institute. His knowledge of both Tibetan Buddhism and language is outstanding, and he Jampa Norgyal has written Dharma commentaries and poetry. Students appreciate Jampa’s gentle and patient approach.

Lopön Tsering Gönpo

was born in Tibet in a nomad family. His father taught him how to read and write. At the age of sixteen, he entered Dzogchen Shri Singha University in Kham, eastern Tibet and completed the monastic college (shedra) in fifteen years, obtaining the “Khenpo” title — an equivalent of the western PhD. Khenpo Thupten has been teaching Dharma and Tibetan language to Westerners with kindness and precision.


Tibetan dance classes, Tibetan exercises etc.