The Tea House


and the restaurant

The Tea House and the restaurant

Tea House Chimed serving tea

Inaugurated in September 2016,

the Tibetan Convention Tea House is situated in a beautifully vaulted room, on the ground floor, the front right tower of Dharma City.

It gradually developed into

a vegetarian restaurant. We serve a wide range of vegetarian dishes based both on Tibetan and western recipes. All healthy and delicious!

In addition to the vast variety

of tea, coffees, and cold drinks, you can come to enjoy some of our wonderful homemade desserts or a few vegetarian momos (Tibetan ravioli) together with a refreshing juice, organic beer or a glass of wine.

Tibetan tea house and restaurant DC
Tea house and the restaurant in Dharma City
Tibetan tea house and restaurant

Apart from our regular menu,

we offer seasonal dishes as well as special delicacies based on the inspiration of the kitchen team, so be sure to follow the Tea House’s Facebook page to be kept up to date.

The room provides enough seats

for 45 to 50 people, and when the weather is nice, you can sit outside in our inner yard. Reservations for tables, organization for groups, birthdays, weddings etc can be made by phone (0494794787).

Tea House bar deco
The restaurant_Dharma City