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Dzogchen Gelek Palbar Ling is a non-profit organisation founded by Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche and his students, which aims at giving access to the precious treasury of knowledge and wisdom of the Buddha—and in particular the Tibetan Buddhist heritage. The methods that have been transmitted over the last 2,500 years can help anyone—regardless of one’s culture or religion—to feel more relaxed, happy and peaceful.

DGPL grows and develops thanks to volunteers. It is mind-blowing to look back and see all what has been accomplished simply by sharing knowledge and joining skills. There are so many talents in the team of volunteers! There are IT specialists, gardeners, webmasters, builders, teachers, carpenters, project managers, cooks, translators, designers, and so on… Over the past decade, the renovation of the Dharma Centres and the organisation of the seminars resulted exclusively from the hard work of volunteers. Dharma City (Belgium) is the biggest International Dharma Centre founded by Patrul Rinpoche and it regularly needs and welcomes volunteers. There are people from all over the world who bring their contribution. The common language is English, but there are also lots of other languages that are spoken in our team: French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, and so on.

Is it something for me?

Volunteering is an act of altruism, and all members of the team are committed to do their best to support the smooth development of DGPL’s activities. It is not necessary to embrace at once all the values and interests of the active members of the organisation, but it is important to have a sincere wish to bring one’s contribution and be part of the team. Volunteering is performed willingly and without pay. Sometimes it is possible to receive room and board as a compensation for a full-time volunteering activity over a certain period of time. A lot depends on the kind of contribution that you offer and on the length of your stay. It would be helpful to answer a few useful questions:


Why do I wish to volunteer?


What activity will I do?


For how long?


What kind of ‘financial arrangement’ am I expecting?

I’d like to volunteer

If you think that volunteering suits you, submit the application form below to introduce yourself and discuss the abovementioned bullet points, so that we understand what kind of contribution you intend to make. If the skills that you wish to share can be useful, we will discuss the terms of your involvement. Please note that volunteers must have a proper medical insurance of their own. All volunteers sign a Volunteer Agreement that protects them and the organisation from unwanted misunderstandings. Volunteers still need to complete an Enrolment Form if they wish to participate in events such as seminars and retreats.

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