How to get there

how to get there_Dharma City


300 Rue de Mettet, 5620 Florennes, Belgique (Google Maps)


– to Brussels-South-Charleroi (CRL) or

Brussels (BRU) 

Brussels-South-Charleroi airport (CRL) is a 40-minute drive from Dharma City and traffic jams are not frequent.

From Charleroi airport: Ryanair flies to Charleroi airport.

1st option: take a taxi from Charleroi airport to Dharma City.

2nd option: take the bus from the airport to Charleroi-Sud train station, then a bus to Florennes.

Take “Bus A” to Charleroi-Sud train station. The bus is to your left when you go out of the airport. The journey takes 11 minutes. Then take a bus to Florennes (details in the BUS section).

Note that taking bus tickets has become difficult because you need a prepaid card. Please visit the TEC website for further details.


Brussels airport (BRU) is about 75 minutes from Dharma City if there is no traffic. Dense traffic jams are expected at peak hours.

From Brussels airport (BRU):

1st option: take a taxi from Brussels airport to the Retreat Centre.

2nd option: take the train from Brussels airport to Namur or Charleroi, then a bus or a taxi.

There is a train station in the airport level -1.

You can take the train to Namur (change at Brussels-North / +- 1h30 in total), or you can take the train to Charleroi-Sud (change at Brussels-North, +-1h40 in total). Plan your journey on the Railway website.

At the train station, take a taxi to the Retreat Centre, or a local bus (read our BUS section).


The closest train station are Charleroi-Sud or Namur.
You can plan your journey and see the prices for tickets here.

From Brussels airport:
Take the train to Brussels North,
change to the train to Charleroi or Namur,
then take a taxi to Dharma City or a local bus to Florennes (see Bus section).

From Brussels (North / Central /Midi train stations):
Take the train to Charleroi or Namur, then a taxi, or a local bus (see below).

Train stations which are closest to Dharma City:

  • Philipeville : 13 km, 14 min
  • Charleroi Sud: 29 km, 40 min – this is an important train station
  • Auvelais : 25 km, 30 min
  • Godinne: 22 km, 22 min
  • Namur: 34 km, 36 min – this is an important train station
  • Gembloux: 40 km, 41 min

FNPlan your trip on the TEC website. There are timetables and routes.

  • For Charleroi-Sud train station, use “Charleroi-Sud”
  • For Namur train station, use “Namur Gare – Boulevard Melot”
  • For Florennes, use “Florennes Place de la Chapelle”
  • For Dharma City, use “Florennes ferme pavillon” (very local bus, runs rarely)

Bus from Charleroi-Sud to Florennes
From Charleroi train station, take bus 138b to Florennes (45 min.) – or bus 137a to Mettet, if you really have no other option.

Bus from Namur to Florennes
From Namur train station, go to the bus station “Namur Gare – Boulevard Melot” (100m from the train station). Take bus E86 and get off at Florennes Place de la Chapelle or Florennes Gare d’autobus (45 min).
The main bus stop in Florennes Place de la Chapelle is +- 30 minutes walk from the Retreat Centre. If you are in Florennes, give us a call and we’ll find someone to pick you up (we do not pick up people in Mettet, Charleroi, Namur or anywhere else).

Small bus to Dharma City

Bus 61 runs between Florennes and Mettet and stops in front of Dharma City (Florennes ferme pavillon).
Unfortunately this bus runs only a few times per day during the week, and never on the weekends.


We asked local companies for their fares and we attach the list below as “SEE MORE DETAILS” link. They are available for people travelling to Dharma City all the year long. Before the start of the course, participants can try to share a taxi. You can always contact us through if you need assistance to book a taxi. To get the best fares, book your taxi several weeks in advance.

A few days before the end of our major events, a volunteer will organize taxi sharing.


 Taxi on the meter
From Charleroi airport to Dharma City: the price is approximately 100 € on the meter for an ordinary taxi, but you may ask for a fixed price


Once you are in Belgium, you can try to find someone who drives to Dharma City. Drivers are usually communicating through the Telegram App, on the “Car Sharing Dharma City – Brussels” group.

Contact us by email if you need more information:

Have a good journey!