“My consciousness came with petals of snow to Tibet.

I found my life in a nomad family near the Dzogchen

valley in Kham. My karmic teacher lives in central Tibet.


My name is Ranyak Patrul. It is quite a big name and the reality is maybe not the same.


It is a bit like McDonald’s: it says it is “fast, delicious, healthy”, but do you believe it?


Check yourself.”

Patrul Rinpoche












Patrul Rinpoche in Tibet 2002

Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche is a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.

He is known to Westerners because of his unique style of teaching and great activities of developing Buddhadharma in Europe.

He has been recognized as the incarnation of the great first Dza Patrul Rinpoche.

Here you can read about his present life and activities, previous incarnations and root teachers.

He is a holder of Longchen Nyingthik Lineage.

Each mindstream has the true nature of mind, that’s what we should realise.

Then, internally, in our mind, we will be free

from the sufferings of old age, sickness and death.

Patrul Rinpoche

Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche was born in the valley of Dzogchen 1963. He is the incarnation of the great Dzogchen Patrul Rinpoche, who was a writer, wanderer and spiritual master of the 19th century. Two incarnations would follow before Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche was born.

Present Patrul Rinpoche has perfectly followed the footsteps of his teachers. He has studied with some of the most senior and accomplished masters of our time. He entered Dzogchen Monastery at the age of fourteen, where he would stay for six years.

After he would continue his studies at Śri Siṃha University. He completed his studies flawless, within a timespan very few students can complete. He has great knowledge of the tantras and sutras, from which he can give teachings on any topic. He is holder of precious Longchen Nyingthik lineage. He gives teachings on this wonderous and profound lineage and bestows empowerments.

Patrul Rinpoche came to Belgium in the spring of 1996. He has established non-profit organisations, publishing house and as students have gathered around him he has started several Dharma Centers across Europe…

About Patrul Rinpoche

Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche is a talented and hard-working lama.

He is a wonderful, funny teacher and an extremely precise guide in practice.

He founded Zankdok Palri Institute, started shedras and shaped Dharma City.

He is a writer, a manager, a talented painter and a decorator. His sustainable vision in managing centres and great kindness in supporting charity projects is outstanding. His strenuous efforts in preserving Dharma texts, publishing them as well as translating is worth attention.


Would you like to have a closer look?

Main projects

ZPI Logo
Zangdok Palri Institute

It is an educational institute, situated both in Tibet and the West with the goal to propose Buddhist studies, seminars and retreats to all who want to research the Buddhist path.
Patrul Rinpoche is a founder, teacher and a director of studies here.

Wisdom Treasury Logo
Wisdom Treasury

The publishing house was founded by Rinpoche through his compassionate engagement, continually aware of the importance of preserving Tibet spiritual heritage. Patrul Rinpoche has continuously been striving to collect ancient Buddhist texts and make them available to everyone.

Dharma City
Dharma City

It is a buddhist centre in Florennes in Belgium. Most courses and drubchens take place here. It has a beautiful temple, dormitories, restaurant, bio shop and much more.
It was bought in 2007 in a very poor condition and since than it has been changed into a very cozy and comfortable place.

Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche’s lineage is the Longchen Nyingthik (Heart Essence of the Great Expanse), within the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism.

“There are numerous lamas of the lineages. But here we keep in mind particularly the figures of the lineage
of the Heart Essence of the Great Perfection. The Great Perfection belongs, of course, to the three inner
tantras. More specifically, the Great Perfection is the pinnacle vehicle of the tantras and commonly called
tantra of the Atiyoga. Why do we call it the Heart Essence? It is like the blood from the heart, the heart core
of the great teachings. And thus, it is a heart essence.”
Patrul Rinpoche

What is a lineage?

A lineage is a succession of accomplished masters who received and mastered a certain cycle of teachings, starting with the source: the Buddha who gave these teachings. Buddha Shakyamuni (Siddharta Gautama) is the historical Buddha of our era who taught in India about 2500 years ago.