To develop wisdom one needs to listen, reflect and meditate. Study courses give the opportunity to listen to Dharma teachings. This is the first step and the basis for reflection and meditation.

Through listening, phenomena are known.
Through listening, there is turning away from wrongdoing.
Through listening, what is meaningless is abandoned.
Through listening, complete liberation is attained.

General Studies

The General Buddhist Study Courses and Winter Retreats are designed for those who wish to be guided through their study of Buddhism and gain general knowledge.
These study-retreats are open to all. During these courses, Patrul Rinpoche teaches important aspects of Buddhist philosophy and practice.


The Six-Year Dzogchen Practitioners’ Course has been designed as a more suitable framework for those students who wish to deepen and broaden the scope of their study and practice of Buddhism, and who wish to commit themselves to a programme of intensive study and practice.

Weekly courses

The Zangdok Palri Institute proposes a range of weekly classes which can be attended through live streaming or listening to the recordings. The teachings are open to all those who search an
authentic path in the midst of their family and work commitments, be they beginners or experienced meditators and practitioners.

Online courses

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Patrul Ripoche agreed to give teachings online and wishes to continue doing so even in the better future. Teachings are open to all, free of charge and translated to other languages simultaneously.

Additional courses

Volunteer retreat, Tibetan Language Classes and others.

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During the study course, in various sessions throughout the day, the teacher explains the meaning of the text line by line. Most importantly, he indicates how the text can be made relevant to modern-day Western life and meditation. Usually at the end of the lecture there is time to ask questions. Participants are most welcome to clarify their understanding and ask further questions to the topic discussed.

At Patrul Rinpoche’s centre, ancient Buddhist texts are not studied because of their literary, historical or cultural value. Their wisdom is analysed and discussed to help ordinary people like you and me become happier, more peaceful and more useful persons.

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