“Do not let your mind get too tense or too inwardly concentrated.

let your senses be naturally at ease, balanced between tension and relaxation.”

Dza Patrul Rinpoche

A few times a year, we offer this excellent opportunity to step out from the hustle and bustle of our daily life, look within ourselves, and observe our mind with all its thoughts and emotions—both positive and destructive. Gradually discovering their true nature, we gain confidence in our own qualities and find the inner peace so much needed to live a happy life.

The day starts with a breathing exercise. The meditation sessions are punctuated by concise instructions and reflections, as well as questions and answers. Silence is advised throughout the day to favour calm abiding.

Usual retreat schedule:

(for each retreat check the schedule of particular event in the Calendar or in the slider of events on the landing page)


8:00–9:30       breakfast (for those who wish or who arrived the evening before)
10:00–12:30     teachings / meditation
13:00–14:00     lunch
14:30-17:30      teachings / meditation
19:00–20:00     dinner
20:00–21:00     meditation / sharing


7:00-8:00         meditation
8:00-9:30         breakfast
10:00–12:30   teachings / meditation
13:00–14:00   lunch
14:30-17:30    teachings / meditation
19:00–20:00   dinner (for those who wish)

Why meditate?