Join us for the Nangchö Mönlam in Dharma City!

Empowering Prayers for Universal Peace and Happiness

26-30 July 2023


A mönlam, literally translated as ‘path of aspiration’, is a prayer that aims to bring about stable happiness, peace, and freedom from suffering to all living beings. During mönlam gatherings, participants join in reciting these powerful prayers, infused with the blessings of highly realized masters who have practiced them for centuries, directing their thoughts and actions towards benefiting others. Thus, mönlams also help us cultivate an altruistic mindset, nurturing our capacity for compassion and selflessness.


The mönlam tradition, a part of Tibetan history for over 600 years, has been revived and carried forward nowadays, with mönlams now held even in the West. The Great Buddhist Prayer Festival for Peace, organized under the guidance of Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche, is the first ever organized in Belgium and its second edition will be held this July.

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Previous event took place in 2022 and was a great success

The First Edition of the Nangchö Mönlam ནང་ཆོས་སྨོན་ལམ། —the Great Buddhist Prayer Festival for Peace— took place in Dharma City from 19 to 21 August 2022 in the presence of Patrul Rinpoche. Mönlams are prayers of aspiration, aspirations to free all sentient beings from all forms of suffering such as wars, epidemy, physical and mental pain, and for all to achieve stable peace.

Not only is it a time meaningfully spent but also it is a great joy to pray together wishing the best for all, actually benefiting all those connected to these prayers, and training our mind to maintain altruistic motivation.

The mönlams were also be broadcasted online.

Patrul Rinpoche has expressed the wish that the mönlam be a donation-based annual event.  It means that participation was free of charge for participants, and that all costs were covered through donations. During the event people are welcome to make a donation, general or specific, according to your possibilities and wishes.

The term ‘mönlam’ also refers to the tradition of Mönlam Chenmo, the great prayer gathering that has historically been part of Tibetan New Year celebrations for more than 600 years. Over the last few decades, the mönlam tradition has been revived and greatly enriched. Multiple Mönlams are held at different times during the year in Tibet, India, Nepal, and Bhutan—and recently in the West.

The Nangchö Mönlam —the Great Buddhist Prayer Festival for Peace— was the first ever organised in Belgium and will definitely be repeated as people were very happy and joined in great number. The whole event was a great success so let us meet there again!