Precious assembly of all dakas and dakinis,

I’m sending you a symbolic sign, coming from the center of my heart. I hope you are perfectly accomplishing authentic beneficial Dharma activity, which means undertaking activity connected to loving kindness. That is full benefit for others and for yourself.

I’m very happy about this great opportunity to be with you. All of you are my source of happiness, source of refuge, hope of protection. For me you are precious authentic beings, my heart, because when I carry out activities with you, I can do something beneficial for all other suffering sentient beings. And we can also accomplish buddhas’ and bodhisattvas’ aspirations. Thanks to this great opportunity, I’m more and more happy, because of you.

You give me this great opportunity to understand my precious human existence, impermanence, causality, the defects of samsara and liberation. Generally speaking, I’m very stupid, but when I realize these, it brings happiness into my heart. When I realize all of them, human existence and so forth, it frees my heart from hopes and fears. Therefore, I would like to thank you again and again, for your kindness and your beneficial activity. I am your stupid parent, it is not useful and not wonderful, but I’m part of your family, you cannot reject me because I’m a part of your family.

Anyway, my precious, please don’t fall under the sway of laziness, you need uninterrupted courage to benefit others with kindness. You are my wish-fulfilling trees which are the source of happy fruit for whoever needs them. Thanks, my dearest. I hope you will fulfill my expectations: that you become the same as the Buddha in order to save all suffering sentient beings.

I’m quite ok, doing nothing, sleeping, eating and also sometimes drinking alcohol – a completely useless life for a poor guy like myself. Oh, what can I do? I need your help. How can you help me? To help me, you need to help yourself. To develop my activities, you need to improve yourself. If you want to give me a present, the best present is that you become Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I’m looking forward to how much you will change from the disastrous state of self-clinging, self-grasping, pride, arrogance and so forth.

However, you are practicing the pith instructions and following the true teaching of our kind Buddha, you are serious truthful persons, as honest as Shakyamuni. If you are like this, you are the savers of the universe of samsara. If you are like this, you are the best builders of the house of harmony, solidarity and compassion, and all miserable beings can rest in this palace of natural great peace. Thanks.

And my last message: this crazy guy wants to put some trees around Dharma City. If you want, you can put some trees. Sometimes, when you plant new trees, small trees put into the ground, this grants you a long life during which you give something to this world. Especially, if you put some bodhi tree into the ground – maybe it can grow up quickly and produce branches, leaves and flowers which are your paths and bhumis. Therefore, I’m now putting trees into the ground.

Maybe we have an opportunity to plant some bodhi trees around Dharma City, and maybe these trees will become wish-fulfilling trees. Some trees grow very fast, very quickly, maybe our own beneficial activities are similar to these trees.

Dear, love, would you like to plant trees with me in Dharma City?


If you are not interested, forget it. I will dedicate it to you.

Much love

Message from Rinpoche 2012