A Haven of Peace:

Patrul Rinpoche’s Dharma Centre in Portugal

Palgué Nyishar Ling


In 2018, the time was ripe for Patrul Rinpoche to buy a place in Portugal in order to establish a new Dharma centre.

The spot, sitting on top of a mountain, was originally named the Mountain Farm. Getting there involves a scenic, one-kilometre dirt road passing by a few farms, before arriving in this very special place which became Rinpoche’s Dharma centre Palgué Nyishar Ling.


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Before, this place was owned by a small company which ran a farm with animals and organized eco-events for kids and teens. They’d invite groups of young people to stay for a few days, where they learned to grow things and take care of animals. Today there are no more domestic animals, but we share the neighbourhood with eagles, crows, and boars; there’s a lot of nature all around!

It marked a significant moment in the history of Rinpoche’s centres – the first time a big place was bought that needed very little work.

Patrul Rinpoche in Tibet 2002
Patrul Rinpoche in Tibet 2002
Patrul Rinpoche in Tibet 2002

Dormitories, rooms, bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen with a large dining area were already in place, making things easy. The main focus of our efforts and spending was on improving our water treatment facilities.

As the centre doesn’t have a regular water supply, we decided to treat the water ourselves – from grabbing it to filtering, storing, and disinfecting it. Before it even gets to the house, it goes through another check to make sure it’s all good. All this was probably the thing that needed the most investment of time and money. We do have electricity; heating and hot water were already installed, so now the place requires only a bit of regular fixing and maintenance. Outside of the retreat times, thanks to one student residing there permanently, the place is being taken care of and its beautiful spaces kept in tip-top shape.

At the centre, we have various options for people to stay during retreats. Back in 2019, we even hosted more than 80 people for the Singhamukha drupchen! Some stayed in dorms and rooms, while others chose to sleep outside or camp.

Our three-story house has rooms on each floor. We’ve got big dorms, each with around 18 beds, plus smaller rooms with several beds. Besides this the spacious main housebuilding, there is a small chalet with two rooms and a rustic barn. The barn, with a new floor added, serves as a group space for activities. It’s peaceful when not in use.

As for the surroundings, only 20km separate the centre from the ocean, and an hour’s car ride from Nazaré beach, famous for big wave surfing. The closest place is Malveira, just around three and a half kilometres away. It’s not a huge village, but it’s got everything you need: big supermarkets, restaurants and shops.


Those students of Rinpoche’s who had the opportunity to participate in retreats in Palgué Nyishar Ling agree to say that it is impossible to be indifferent to the place.

Not just because there’s a lot of space and land, but because it’s on top of the mountain, there is this view over the valley and the next mountain and so on. It’s unusually beautiful, and it instils peace and calm to the mind.



What happened there until now?

  • 29 and 30 Sept 2018 Inauguration

Rinpoche gave teachings about the text “Advice to Kunzang Chögyal”

  • Dec 2018 Winter Retreat where Rinpoche gave teachings about “An Instruction on the View of the Mahāyāna – Clarifying the Two Truths”
  • March-April 2019 Chöd Drupchen guided by Lopön Tsering Gönpo
  • Oct 2019 Singhamukha Drupchen

The first Singhamukha drupchen guided by Patrul Rinpoche took place in October 2019 in Palgué Nyishar Ling.

For the first time, the cost of the drupchen was almost entirely covered by sponsors. In Tibet it is a common practice that a person, a family or an organisation requests some particular teaching and covers the cost of organising that, thereby giving the opportunity for many to attend. Participants often have to manage their own accommodation and food, but sometimes even this is offered as well. It has been Rinpoche’s wish for a long time to organise retreats and courses in this way in the West too.

  • Dec 2019 Winter Retreat where Rinpoche gave teachings about Shantideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra, “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life”
  • Nov 2023 Meditation Weekend guided by Lopön Tsering Gönpo
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How can I get there?

Though situated in a quiet and serene location, Palgué Nyishar Ling is just 35km from Lisbon.

The drive from the airport takes approximately 30 minutes by car, while the public bus from the airport gets you very close to the Buddhist centre within an hour. It’s a 20-minute walk from the bus stop. However, please note that the road from the crossroads where the bus stops is hilly and may pose difficulties, especially if you have heavy luggage.


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