Practice together

Recently, Patrul Rinpoche suggested practicing together on days dedicated to


the four great masters who were extremely dedicated and important to our lineage.

We are going to meet for tsok or other group practice in honour of:



Patrul rinpoche 18/04 of Tibetan Calendar (26 May 2024)

Mipham Rinpoche 29/04 of Tibetan Calendar  (5 June 2024)



Jigme Lingpa 03/09 of Tibetan Calendar (4 November 2024)

Lonchenpa 18/12 of Tibetan Calendar (28 January 2024; 15 February 2025).


The dates of these events will change for our calendar according to lunar calendar. More details can be found in  our CALENDAR.

Moreover, every 10th and 25th day of Tibetan Calendar we meet for tsok practice in Dharma City. Join us.