Attending this festival will bring great benefit to everyone.

I invite whoever can to join this mönlam, or peace prayer.

There’s a general benefit for the whole world, especially in these difficult times with so much turmoil. War, pandemic, and many natural disasters like climate change cause a lot of suffering.  Maybe by coming together and praying, we can cultivate more peace, ease, comfort, and happiness for everyone. These prayers offer such benefits and qualities.

Please, whoever wants to come, you are very welcome, we would be very happy because it’s so much benefit. Instead of maybe staying alone at home and praying by yourself, gathering here to pray together is very powerful and brings much benefit. All the organizers do their best to make sure whoever attends these prayers feels comfortable and at ease.

My wish is like, if we continue to do this every year, how much benefit would there be? I hope, I really wish we can pray together every year.

We’ve decided to organize the entire Mönlam event free of charge for participants and just request donations from those who wish or are able to contribute. This tradition originates in Asia, particularly Tibet. Traditionally, those who are rich and have the opportunity to sponsor the event, providing food and necessities for those who attend. Sponsorship may still be needed to cover things like accommodation, electricity, and water. Anyone attending the event will, of course, be expected to follow the established rules and maintain discipline throughout.

Whoever receives this message, I hope you’ll be happy to receive this little message about the Mönlam. And I hope to see you during Mönlam times. Thank you very much, all the best to you!

(Excerpts from an interview Patrul Rinpoche gave in 2022, slightly edited)