Study and practice






If anyone wishes to obtain a good result from worldly or Dharmic activities, he must put effort into the wisdoms of listening and reflecting in the beginning. More particularly, if we do not have the wisdoms of listening to and reflecting on the authentic Dharma, the wisdom of meditating will not be attained entirely..

Meditating without listening or reflecting is like someone climbing rocks without arms.

Patrul Rinpoche ‘Searching for Self-Liberation’

It is easy to get lost in the dense forest of spiritual paths in the contemporary world.

Seeing many westerners struggling with this problem,  Patrul Rinpoche  organised a study system that intends to give people clear and direct guidelines on the path to enlightenment. 

It may look serious, but it can be great fun too.

Rinpoche established Zangdok Palri Institute, several study programmes and practice gatherings.  These different courses and practice times are called retreats. Some concentrate on philosophy while some instruct with great precision on how to practice. There are also punctual courses and practice sessions.

What exactly happens at such a retreat?

What makes people participate?

And what’s the point of a retreat anyway?

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