Impartial compassion represents the true nature of phenomena. Therefore, whoever wants to realise the true nature of phenomena, it is unsurpassable to practise impartial compassion, which is the union of the awakened mind and awareness. If we fully and unmistakenly understand what impartial compassion is, we can fly in the sky with the two airlines of samsara and nirvana, using the two wings of the awakened mind and pristine cognition. These two wings unite to create the extraordinary aircraft that is fast and quick to cross the mountains, valleys, lakes and oceans of the paths and bhumis.

My dears, let us fly. Let us take the united Concorde of impartial compassion. Let us fly in the sky of the unobscured mind and the highest level, alongside the sun and moon, to rest on the wonderful throne of non-conceptualisation. At that moment we will be very happy because we can taste everything one-pointedly. It is marvellous.

Message from Patrul Rinpoche (excerpt)

28 October 2009