Hi, precious!

How are you? I hope everything is going well and you are also doing well. Now I am in Japan. Usually, it is very hot in Japan this time, but now it is very pleasant: not very hot, warm, so nice weather. And we are studying about Cause and Effect. In Buddhist terminology they call it Karma or Causality. It is wonderful. We are very happy, because we are researching which cause brings which effect.

It is very important to investigate about cause and effect or result, because if cause is not very good, result will not be good too. Why?

We are specially investigating the cause of radiation. If someone gets radiation, then this person becomes handicapped or will die. And then we say why? In reality, causes and conditions are very important. Causes and conditions are very much mysterious, because we do not know, which kind of cause we are creating. Same time which kind of conditions we will have, we do not know too. These causes and conditions we are working on, but we do not know them really. Why I said mysterious? Because if causes and conditions have already produced something, then if the result is positive, it is OK. If the result is negative, then it can bring death or cancer. At that time, to start to cry is too late. Therefore, everybody needs to take care of causes and conditions. If you do not care, who can help you for the later problems? That is why we are researching about causality.

Last week I was in Georgia, we made Chöd Drupchen. During Chöd Drupchen many different people requested for prayers. And also they gave a lot of donations. And we tried to pray and everyday we recited mantras. We hope it will bring effect to requesters. And also we shared part of the donation between students, but everybody decided to offer most part for the stupa project. So we hope, your donations you made to request prayers, will finally become a ‘recycle unit of the positive’, because if this project will manifest, it will remind many people of dharma and with this stupa they can purify all negative causes. Therefore I am sending this letter. Thanks for your generosity. Many Tashi Delek.

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