An outstanding feature of Patrul Rinpoche’s activity is sustainability on various levels. It is based on the grand vision of acting that generates profit, which benefits others.


Why is it outstanding?

Because it makes it possible to help without constantly asking others to donate.


Acting very sensibly Patrul Rinpoche and his students created Dzogchen Gelek Palbar Ling, a sustainable, non-profit organisation whose primary goal is the  preservation of the precious teachings of the Buddha. In Dharma City, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, eat a delicious dinner in a nice place and still help.

But how?


Rinpoche came up with an idea of creating a “Dharma City” with a tea house open to general public and a room rental. Later, Dzogchen Gelek Palbar Ling started organizing several cultural events, an organic shop and much more. These activities support the Buddhist centre. In the beginning it helped the students to have better books and mattresses to sleep on – many appreciated that. Later, it supported the construction of the temple, publications, wider and even more serious projects. Today it allows the organization to develop having its own resources, with the goal of making the Dharma teachings accessible to everyone, regardless of one’s financial situation. This sustainability creates unique possibilities.

Thanks to Rinpoche’s vision Dharma City is an organization that is mainly financially independent. Would you like to know more about Dharma City?

All money goes to developing Buddhadharma in varied forms of publications and translations, supporting intellectual and spiritual development of students and also preserving the Tibetan culture, supporting charity work for the Tibetan community, etc. It engages many people and changes many lives. 

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It makes a real difference as in the end it helps not one, but many. All this was only possible thanks to Rinpoche’s profound motivation of helping others.

It was possible because Rinpoche saw the various needs and financial struggles of many of his students. He could see the potential of people around him and had the wisdom to integrate talents and enthusiasm. He engaged a lot of people in altruistic activities.

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The grand vision is precious.


Sustainability is unique in charity organisations.

The grand vision


is precious.



is unique in




“From today onwards, for the sake of mother beings,

Without ever being separate from the precious mind of goodheart,

And with undaunted zeal I will joyfully and

With diligence commit myself to them.”

Patrul Rinpoche “Searching for Self Liberation”
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