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‘Calm abiding’ means the mind resting peacefully. In order to pacify the mind, we start from different skillful means that enable us to diminish our thoughts. Having gradually reduced the flood of our thoughts, if we habituate ourselves to maintaining the mind in its natural state, thoughts will automatically be pacified.

As we become used to never letting go of the practice of calm abiding, whether we are eating, sleeping, walking or sitting, our mind will one day be able to abide relaxedly in its natural state at all times and in all situations, without the need for any particular effort.

When we are naturally filled with serene and genuine happiness, the result of meditation has ripened in the mind.

Excerpts from:

Introduction to Meditation

A Concise Guide to Pacifying and Clarifying the Mind

Khenpo Thubten Lodrö Nyima

Wisdom Treasury