The Words of My Perfect Teacher – II. 3) Vajrasattva

The Words of My Perfect Teacher is a timeless classic that lays the foundations of the Buddhist Mahayana and Vajrayana view and practice. Composed in the 19th century by the famous master and vagabond Dza Patrul Rinpoche, it is still widely studied by followers of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
This Zangdok Palri Institute’s in-depth study program was launched in 2018 (Chapter 1). Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche gradually teaches the respective chapters of the scripture with the assistance of two excellent scholars (lopöns). Rinpoche’s wish is that students gain perfect mastery over this text, enabling them to teach it to others and keep this precious lineage alive.

We have requested Rinpoche to give his enlightening comments on part II, chapter 3, Meditating and Reciting on the Teacher as Vajrasattva to Cleanse all Obscurations. The exact dates of this online seminar have not been determined. We hope that it will take place this summer. If you wish to be informed, please subscribe to our newsletter.


Sun 26 Dec 2021

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  • Date: Sun 26 Dec 2021


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