Dear friends,

Zangdok Palri Institute is delighted to announce the dates of 2020 Drupchen retreats, Shedras, and Words of My Perfect Teacher study cycles.

This year there will be a special intensive umze and chopön training course before the Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen, 15 to 23 February. The annual celebration of Losar will take place right after the Drupchen.

Rinpoche’s schedule is always up-to-date here. It is safe to have a look at it before booking your plane tickets.

We hope to see you soon, wherever Rinpoche’s activities take place.

Have a wonderful year filled with happiness and meaningful activities!

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In this world, more than 2000 years ago, one man appeared. He found what is called enlightenment. This position, this attainment and this kind of great achievement is possible for everybody. But of course, before the Buddha, nobody had discovered this.