Mind Training

Mind Training – Lojong

Seven Points of Mind Training

Attributed to the great teacher Atisha (11th century) and arranged by the Tibetan master Geshe Chekawa, this lojong text presents a perfectly structured system, combining profound insight with very practical advice on putting compassion into practice and transforming our mind.

The 59 ‘aphorisms’ or ‘slogans’, listed under 7 points, are far from being just general guidelines; in fact, they deal with everyday life in a combination of pragmatism and sagacity, developing the wisdom and skilful means of the Mahayana, qualities necessary for travelling on the path.

This weekly course is given by Lopön Jampa Norgyal, whose calm and detailed explanations make it easy for beginners as well as for advanced students to comprehend the essence of lojong.

Lopön Jampa la teaches in Tibetan, with translations being provided to English, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

The text on which the course is based can be found HERE, and the recordings of the previous lojong courses are archived HERE.

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If you are interested in exploring this text further, the video archives of a two weeks seminar given by Lopön Tsering Gönpo on the

Commentary on the Seven Points of Mind Training by the renowned Kadampa master Gyalse Togme Zangpo (English translation)

are accessible HERE, as well as a video-conference on the Eight Verses of Training the Mind, by Langripa.