Rigdzin Düpa

Rigdzin Düpa  Sadhana

Rigdzin Düpa (“The Assembly of Vidyadharas”) is one of the most important practice texts that comes from the Longchen Nyingthik cycle of teachings and was revealed by the great master Jigme Lingpa. Being an inner guru practice focusing on Padmasambhava as the main deity, it is the source of all blessings and as such practiced by practitioners worldwide. It can be carried out as a concise daily practice, as a tsok practice on the 10th day of the lunar month, or as an intensive drupchen practice with a number of subsidiary branches.

Many accomplished teachers consider this sadhana to be like a wish-fulfilling jewel, granting accomplishments on the path.

However, accessing the depths of this precious sadhana and harvesting all the good it can give us is not always easy without guidance. Therefore, this weekly course held by Lopön Tsering Gönpo is a very fortunate opportunity to comprehend more and to retrieve the siddhis, which are the result of this practice.

Lopön Tsering Gönpo is a highly qualified teacher; moreover, he has been trained to the specific needs of a Western

audience. He teaches in English, with translations being provided to English, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese and Japanese.


The text on which the course is based can be found in Dharma City and the recordings of the previous courses are

archived HERE.


For the dates of upcoming courses, please see CALENDAR.