Why meditate?

The meditation techniques taught in our weekly courses cover a variety of contemplative methods that can foster well-being, kindness, and peace of mind. The meditation lessons offer a unique opportunity to explore and apply these techniques.

Furthermore, these weekly meetings are a precious support for one’s individual practice.

Our qualified instructors Lopön Jampa Norgyal and Lopön Tsering Gonpo introduce calm abiding techniques, such as mindfulness, for beginners as well as for advanced students. Their long experience of teaching meditation in Europe has trained them to the specific needs of a Western audience.

Structure of this meditation course

1. Prerequisites to calm-abiding meditation
2. Correcting one’s motivation
3. Ninefold cleansing of the air
4. Body posture
5. Finding an object of focus
6. The actual meditation of calm-abiding
7. Recognizing the defects of mental afflictions
8. Seeing the benefits of wholesomeness

Lopön Jampa la teaches in Tibetan, with translations being provided to English, French, sometimes also into Russian, Polish, Portuguese and Japanese.

The recordings of the previous meditation courses are archived in English, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

For the dates of upcoming courses, please see CALENDAR.



If you wish to know more about meditation, here is a book composed by Lopön Tsering Gönpo (alias Khenpo

Thubten Lodrö Nyima): Introduction to Meditation – Concise Guide to Pacifying and Clarifying the Mind. It is

available in Dharma City or on Wisdom Treasury’s online shop, in French and English.