Words of My Perfect Teacher

The Words of my Perfect Teacher

Composed by the charismatic, wandering master Dza Patrul Rinpoche (1808-1887) in a retreat cave in the Tibetan valley of Dzogchen, The Words of My Perfect Teacher is a quintessential introduction to the spiritual practices common to all Tibetan Buddhist schools, in a unique combination of exceptional profundity and colourful expression. Although it was written for practitioners of the Longchen Nyingthik in the Nyingma tradition, it is directly accessible to the Western, modern reader who wishes to follow an authentic path to liberation.

First presenting a series of preliminary contemplations on universal notions such as impermanence, karma, suffering and loving kindness, the book addresses then the initial practices of the Vajrayana, all the while emphasising the need for generating and developing compassion as the indispensable condition for achieving enlightenment.

It is this invaluable text which Lopön Tsering Gönpo comments on during this course, a highly qualified teacher drawing on his own meditation experience who has moreover been trained to address the specific needs of a Western audience. He teaches in English, with audio translations being provided to English, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese and Japanese.


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