Great fortunate ones,

I hope you are well.  I’m fine. At the moment, I’m in Brussels reading and correcting the 2005 book and making questions and answers. After finishing the Shedra, I’ve heard that everybody is studying really well and are excited to have the opportunity to study the authentic Dharma a 100 times better than me! I’m very glad. Very, very, very glad! Please continue until you realise the true nature of mind. It is very beneficial for all sentient beings; me included.

But suddenly I have remembered what my root teacher told me. He said we must always practice Dharmakaya emptiness. That is the meditation of all the past Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and accomplished ones. Also, this is the primordial wisdom mind of all the Buddhas of the three times, the heart-core of all the yidams and also the heart-blood of all the dakinis. He also told me a very important point: when one is introduced to the Dharmakaya emptiness as no other than one’s own mind, afterwards everything is liberated. The only supreme king of Dharmata is someone who has realised it. If you realise it in the morning before your morning cup of coffee then you are a Buddha at breakfast-time. Also if someone understands it before dinner, you’re a Buddha at dinnertime. Also, he said that it has a great name, possessing great meaning.

How can we practice it? Rest in the empty aspect of one’s own unfabricated self-arising mind. Then we are called yogis and yoginis. The yogis and yoginis want to realise the unmistakably entirely pure view. Rest yoga mind in clarity in unfabricated emptiness. Unfabricated emptiness is no different from the mind. Mind is no different from unfabricated emptiness.  The mind remains without fabrication, relaxed and rests in this remaining mind. At that time there are no thoughts; relaxed and resting in that mind which is not thinking.

In short, with an unfabricated mind rest in whatever arises. Don’t change it. Don’t fabricate it. Don’t block and don’t accomplish, don’t do anything. Whatever arises, rest without fabrication in that which arises. This is the way to practice the Dharmata emptiness.

Ha ha! Huh huh! Happy Christmas and New Year!

Don’t look for something to see but be without any fabrication. Don’t look for something to meditate on but be without fabrication. Ha ha! If you look for something in your mind, you will never ever find it. If you search to see or if you meditate on someone/something that is artificial mind or fabricated mind.

Our mind has always been absolutely empty from the beginning of beginningless time. It isn’t necessary to search for the mind. Ha ha! Mind is the searcher itself. Huh huh! Without distraction. Ho ho! Rest in the one who is searching. Crazy mind. Whose crazy mind?  A Dzogpa Chenpo practitioner’s mind is beyond crazy or not crazy. This is the unfabricated fruition of Dzogpa Chenpo.

Precious heart student, please diligently practice, study and reflect on the authentic Dharma.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in 2006 at the next Shedra in Poland.

I’m not a perfect teacher but I give you the conditions to apply yourself to the Buddha’s path and reach Buddhahood. I have a very strong hope that in this single life you reach Buddhahood. Please.

This year has almost gone and the new year’s coming. This is the nature of impermanence. Of course you know impermanence very well. I would like to say: may the coming New Year be happy.

Have a peaceful Christmas and may all your wishes be fulfilled in the coming New Year.

All best regards from Patrul Rinpoche

This letter has been sent by Rinpoche on the 23th of December 2005 and was specifically addressed to his students who participated to the first session of the Six-year Dzogchen Practitioners’ course, the first Shedra of the Zangdok Palri Institute.

New Shedra Study Cycle in 2024

We are very happy to announce a new Study Cycle taught by Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche, with the assistance of Lopön Tsering Gönpo and Lopön Jampa Norgyal. Launched in 2005, this program is an excellent way to understand the “Nine Vehicles”, a gradual approach to the teachings of the Buddha. At the end of the study cycle, students are ready to receive instructions on the Great Perfection, the pinnacle of all vehicles.

Studying the basics? Too easy for me?

Rinpoche opened the first cycle in 2005, the second in 2007 and a while later, in 2011, the third cycle.
There were no right conditions to open any new cycles until now. Don’t miss the chance.

This is a Fortunate Time

Wisdom Quotes to Inspire Your Day
This is a fortunate time. We have obtained a human life, which is the basis. We have met a spiritual guide, which is the condition. And we have received his instructions, which are the means. If we cannot enter the profound path to liberation during this lifetime, our life will be meaningless and we will get nothing out of it. Not only that, but it is also possible that we will create the causes of wandering in the inferior states.

Wisdom Treasury new book

‘The Wisdom of Rigpa’ by Patrul Rinpoche