Brussels, 15 June 2009

Dear students!

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my regards to you, which is coming from the centre of my heart. I hope your superior activities of the dharma are going well, especially in improving your Sampa Sangpo of compassion. And also, sure, your understanding of Authentic Dharma is increasing and also wisdom is becoming sharper. Through your development of compassion and wisdom you understand the reality of relative and the reality of ultimate, and also suchness and manyness.

Here, with me, everything is going well. A few months ago I was in Japan. We studied “The Words of My Perfect Teacher”. The organization and course were so good. Weather was also very good. Afterwards I went to China and Tibet. In Tibet our projects, the Zangdok Palri Temple and the school, are going very well. I stayed there 3-4 days. Then I came back to Belgium. Now I have became very lazy, doing almost nothing, sleeping, drinking alcohol and eating, and sometimes I am going to hot spring, to many different shoe shops to find permanent shoes. But I could not find. Still I am searching. Can you find permanent shoes and fearless shoes for me?

I am sending this e-mail to you, because I would like to say something about summer retreat in Dharma City. Normally, this year we wanted to go to Tibet. According to some conditions, which you know, it is impossible to go.
Instead of that, we are going to make Uttaratantra Retreat in Dharma City twice and Powa Retreat.

During the first course is on the Uttaratantra and everybody can participate. It will become the preparation for 3rd cycle of Shedra course.

Secondly, we are going to organize Powa Retreat. Maybe, this would suitable for real practitioners of the Dharma, because, if someone is beginner, it just will make confusion. But of course, if someone really wants, they can join.

And the third course is only for the Shedra students. My requirement to all shedra student is to come and participate to this course, to recognize dharma brothers and sisters and enjoy being together and to be part of Mandala of our community. That is my wish.

And why we are going to study Uttaratantra, because this teaching is the bridge between Sutra and Tantra. And also the main subject of Uttaratantra is the cause of Buddha Nature and the result of Three Jewels, the meaning of realization of Buddha Nature, the qualities of Buddha Nature and activity of the achievement of the Buddha Nature.  If we understand all these subjects, then we understand almost all Buddha’s teaching.
It is very important to study this book. If you really will study this book, you will understand the crucial point of the Buddha’s teaching, because this teaching is the expression of all Buddha’s and Bodhisattva’s intention, the hardcore of Buddha’s teaching.  

Therefore if you have the opportunity to be participate in this course to share Dharma knowledge with me and also with Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima, for my perspective this great period is a rare opportunity. This opportunity is given to us by past attention of movement of body, speech and mind. The inevitable causality is inconceivable because without arranging I met you, you met me. And we are together to study the genuine teaching of the Buddha.  During this paramount time we will have the possibility of doing the great value for the two goals.  And also we will develop our wisdom and compassion. According to that the result will come: all the temporary and ultimate happiness of beings included oneself.

Not only that but in this time of turmoil we need great peace, gentleness, calm and more precise mind of human being which makes distinction between what makes the cause of turmoil of suffering, and what makes the cause of movement towards happiness. Like busy movement of Dharma City. It means that all the Dharma movement are positive, beneficial and the cause of happiness, peace-harmony of all the beings, not only human beings. Therefore it is very important to study the authentic Dharma.

For my point if someone seriously, honestly and completely follows the authentic Dharma Activity, this person is the absolute guide of suffering sentient being, the protector of the suffering sentient beings, the great owner of human beings.  This person, whoever it is, is the symbol of non-violence, the ground of the peace process of the world, the representative of Reality which is the inseparability of Primordial Wisdom and Compassionate Love.

Unlikely the spiritual materialism tries to get attention, power, money, possessions, great title and control. This kind of activity that we may call religious activity is the cause of violence, dishonesty, criticism, jealousy, disharmony, and the absolute great cause decadent turmoil.

Anyway if you come or not, if you join or not, if you follow or not, to practice the Authentic Buddha’s Teaching of Dharma is very important for all the suffering sentient beings. Of course no need to remind you. All the best wishes and many many tashi delek. May all your wishes become true. May your beneficial Dharma activity flourish.

See you soon,

The crazy guy called Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche

PS: Please before you come to the course for the Uttaratantra could you try to find out about the 60 methods to purify Buddha Nature which are the 4 ornaments of Bodhisattvas, the 8 appearances of Boddhisattvas, the 16 Compassions, and the 32 Buddha Activities (that is the ten powers, the four fearlessness, the eighteen unshared qualities).
And for those who want to join the Powa, please read again the part concerning Powa in the Words of my Perfect Teacher, and study the questions and answers.

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